Lunes, Hunyo 4, 2012

chuchay my loves. ♥

Meet my baby Chuchay! :) 
She is a 2 months and 2 weeks old shih tzu.  A friend gave her to me as a gift. 
When i first saw her, I immediately fell inlove with her. She was a month and a few weeks when I got her. She was this quiet and cute little baby shih tzu. 
When I first held her, she was just cuddling with me. She was licking my hands and laid her head on my chest. She is the cutest dog EVER!!! 
I love this baby to death! :) 

She's so playful now. She loves playing with the kids.
 I just want to hug her and squeeze her all the time! Im inlove with her! 

Baby Chuchay, you are the best! :) 

you'll see more photos of her on my instagram. [ michelchellie ] follow me! :) 


This isnt my first blog post ever. I already wrote one awhile ago and you can see it here:  aaaand well, everything there is going to be make up related. :)

And this one is going to be a site for more "personal" stuffs. :) 

I really wanted to start my own blog since high school. Cause, I love writing. And I want to share the things I know and the things I love to everyone. I don't know a lot, but I'm willing to learn more. :) 

Anyways, more about myself. :)
I was born on 13th of September, 1993. Im a full Filipina and I LOVE it! :)
I dont have a fair skin, and I used to be insecure about it but now I just love it! I love my skin color, I love being a morena. :) 

3 years old. 
18 years old. :) 

In this site you'll see posts about every thing personal. You'll know me more through this blog. I'll be posting about the things i love, like foods, places and everything else. I'm pretty pumped about posting stuffs in here. So I hope you guys would love it! :) 
And on my other blog, you'll see more of beauty related posts. Beauty products and everything about make up. :) 

Please feel free to follow/subscribe, or whatever you call it here (im such a newbie. :D ) 
I'll appreciate it so much! :)